Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Meet Jane (Jess) - January 2008

Jane (Jess) came into the family back in January 2008.

"Watcha gonna bring to the picnic?" asks Kirsten.

Kirsten's had earlier made some very imperfect homemade treats...ah, well, it comes from the heart? And those raspberry-strawberry things are tasty!

Elizabeth though is a master pastry chef...the tarts and bundt cake are quite fancy!

Meanwhile, for some strange reason, Josefina is baking bread in her horno...inside the room...

Of course, she's bringing bread and melons. (The shawl is custom made, but it matches the Harvest outfit quite well!)

Addy's is preparing her pie and has lots of flowers.

She has apple pie, meat pies, and candy...

Josefina and Kirsten get the picnic table ready...

Oh, oh, will all these dishes and treats fit on the table?

"Let's try it anyway," says Josefina.


Whew! Need to sit down! When do you think she'll get here?

Squeaky, squeaky! Speak of the devil!

"Gasp! All for me!?" cries Jane.

"You're so wonderful!"


  1. I remember this set of pictures! The miniture food remains one of the most visually appealing and fun aspects.

  2. Very lovely, and I think all that food is making me hungry. :P ;)

  3. No updates since I left? I want updates!

  4. I love your displays! You have a talent for detailed miniature setups. And how nice of the dolls to make all that lovely food for Jane. :)