Sunday, July 12, 2009

Town Fair Dress Comparisons

In 1997, American Girl designed a limited edition "town fair" outfit based on 18th century prints. The original town fair outfit came with a mob cap, red striped apron, green gown, and windmill; and a complete set can go for auction for over $100. I managed to snag my authentic AG town fair outfit (gown only) for $32 on Ebay. Jess is modeling it with a red cloak and borrowed lace cap. Elizabeth on the left is modeling a pinkish version made by Dollies' Dressmaker. Personally, I think Dollies is the better version. She once told me that she has never seen the original in person, so her outfit indeed is based on the historical print.

The tan gown on the right was also made by Dollies' Dressmaker.

Felicity checks out her China cabinet. (I got the jelly cabinet for $13--the price also included the shipping! The model ship and blue teapot are Christmas ornaments I found in California for $4 each.)

Close up of the prints:

The yellow cups are from the Chocolate Set. The colonists, to protest the tax on imported tea, drank chocolate instead. Collectors always debate whether getting the older version of the Chocolate set is worth it. In my opinion yes. As you can see on the left, the older version has more delicate twisted handles and more detailed art. The glaze is less yellow and shiny. (Oh, and don't worry, I don't have 3 chocolate sets! I only found the four extra cups alone in an Ebay auction. I'll probably resell them now that I have the older version of the complete set.)

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  1. The information about drinking chocolate instead of tea is rather fascinating. That would be sweetened chocolate, right? Interesting turn of events, given that chocolate drinks began as an American continent food item in the first place. Cool how the practice passed from one continent to another and back again!