Friday, July 11, 2014

For Sale - Beautiful Customs and More

I am looking for new homes for my beloved outfits. I enjoyed these beauties for many years and loved seeking out talented seamstresses. 

I had an unfortunate incident with an airline, which stranded me in a foreign country and then forced me to pay for an entirely new ticket to get home. Hopefully, I'll win my complaint against the airline and get my money back, but in the meanwhile, I just want to raise money to pay back a friend who helped me with the ticket costs.

To contact me, you can send a message to "zeemeems" at the AGPlaythings forum.

1. Shipping: I ship USPS with tracking numbers and always combine shipping whenever possible. I am happy to calculate shipping based on your zip code and weight. Shipping is usually $4 for items under 15oz, which is most outfits without boxes. Items in AG boxes ship for $6-9. Furniture runs around $12-$20. Again, I'll be glad to calculate if you send me a zip code and let me know which item(s) you want.
2. Payment: I prefer Paypal. Unfortunately, I am not interested in trades at this time
3. Feedback. You can check out my feedback on the AGPlaythings board, or through my Ebay user name thusmmi. I have been on the AGPlaythings board since 2006:

1. Rebecca's Blue Fancy Dress by MyOwnLittleWorldToo - $65

2. Rebecca's Yom Kippur Dress by MyOwnLittleWorldToo - $49 

3. White Regency Gown by ThreadsofTroy - $28
see more images here

4. Black and Blue Duchess Caracao Gown by Terristouch - $45
see more images here

5. Blue Regency Gown by TomiJane - $75

1. Candied Apple by Pippaloo. $4.50.
See more images:

2. Two Slices of Pumpkin Pie by Pippaloo. $5.50.
See more images:

3. Pretzel by Pippaloo. $4.75.

4. Hamburger and Fries by Pippaloo. $15.00 ON HOLD
See more images here.

5. Salad and plate only by golfkoby123. $12
see more images here

6. Spaghetti and Meat Sauce only by golfkoby123. $9


1. Cécile & Marie Grace - 1850s Young Girl's Fancy Gown by KeepersDollyDuds (gown only) $149

2. Cécile & Marie Grace - Yellow Gown by KeepersDollyDuds (gown only) $125 
See more images:

3. Edwardian Outfit by CarmeliaCreations (umbrella, hat, petticoat, gown) - $75 ON HOLD
More images:

4. Golden Tudor Gown by CarmeliaCreations (gown only) - $35
See more images:

5. Tan Town Fair Gown by DolliesDressmaker - $34 ON HOLD
See more images:

6. Colonial Polonaise Gown by CountryHandmaiden $29 (I'll also include a undecorated flat straw hat)
See more images:

7. Jane Fairfax's Regency Gown TerrisTouch - $27
See more images

8. Burgundy Revolutionary Brocade Gown by Doll Clothes of Yore (gown only) - $29
See more images:

9. Pink Polonaise Gown by Doll Clothes of Yore (gown only) - $32
See more images:

10. Green Robe l'Anglaise Dress by Doll Clothes of Yore - $31 (gown only)
See more images:

1. Kaya's White PowWow Outfit of Today - NIB, Complete (dress, moccasins, chokers, feather comb) $75

2. Sparks Flying - NIB - $34 

1. Felicity's Noah's Ark - $35 Complete, NIB (animals, ark)
2. Felicity's Gala Gown - $39 Complete, NIB (cap, gown)

1. Nellie's Holiday Coat - $38 (Complete, NIB)
3. Nellie's Pajamas - $34 (Complete, NIB)

2. Molly's Striped Pajamas - NIB, Complete (pajama shirt and pants) - $25
3. Molly's Polka Dot Outfit - NIB, Complete (blouse, skirt, shoes, socks) - $41
5. Molly's Camping Equipment - NIB, Complete (mess kit, mess kit bag, compass, flashlight, sit-upon kit, newspaper) - $46
6. Molly's Skate Outfit - NIB, Complete (skirt, underwear, jacket) - $34
7. Molly's Skate and Muffs - NIB, Complete (muffs, skates, earmuffs) - $21
8. Molly's Stage and Screen - includes original box. Sound, screen, and lights work. $65
9. Molly's Bennett Dog - NIB, complete Mattel - $19
10. Molly's Roller Skating Outfit and Blue Roller Skates - Very Good Condition, Complete (shirt, shorts, socks, shoes, hair ribbon, blue skates) - $109

1. Molly's Swimsuit - NIB, Complete (sunglasses, beach ball, towel, sandals, seashell necklace, swimsuit, trading card) $35 SOLD
4. Molly's Blue Sweater and Red Skirt Outfit - NIB, Complete (sweater, plaid skirt, red saddle shoes, two red ribbons, pair of white socks) - $39
11. Molly's School Outfit -- Good condition used (jumper and blouse only, blouse has small stain on left sleeve) - $14 SOLD

1. Black Velveteen Coat and Boots - NIB, complete (coat, boots, hair ties) - $34
2. Blue Ballet Outfit- NIB, complete (dress, shoes, hair clips, recital program) - $39

1. Kanani's Beach Outfit - NIB, complete (head scarf, board shorts, swimsuit) - $39
2. Lanie's Garden Outfit - NIB, complete - $34 (hat, sandals, shorts, shirt)

Friday, November 8, 2013

Friday, February 22, 2013

Golden Sara Crewe Dress

This golden late Victorian ensemble was designed by Tomi Jane. I would like to imagine that Sara Crewe from The Little Princess (1905) might have worn this before she found out she had lost her father and entire fortune, and was forced to become Miss Minchen's servant.  

Movie Costumes from the 1995 version of The Little Princess:
  My Samantha is wearing something similar to the above costume...

Sunday, January 6, 2013

TomiJane's Embroidered WWII Dress

This cute ensemble was hand-embroidered by TomiJane.