Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Samantha's Green School Dress by Terristouch

My Rosie (#23) is modeling a Samantha dress created Terristouch. There were a limited number of dresses made from this pattern--in fact, I don't even think this version ever made it onto an Etsy listing.

Let me tell you a nice thing that Terri does for her loyal customers. She maintains a special mailing list for her repeat customers who have opted-in to receive it. Every few weeks, she sends photo previews of her latest creations. The customers select and layaway the outfits they want. Based on a mutual honor system, she holds the outfits until the customers feel ready to pay. This could be over a course of a few weeks. This way if the customers are patient, they can save money on shipping or hold something until payday. Terri seems to have developed quite a following because sometimes I don't think the preview outfits make it to Etsy as an open listing because the older customers have already reserved it.

I think if you contact her via Etsy, she probably would add you onto the mailing list. I'm not sure, but whether she will do layaway with you might depend on if you had a previous smooth transaction with her.

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  1. I love this dress! You have a "good eye" for a buy!