Sunday, March 6, 2011

Etsy Watch

ThreadsofTroy is back on Etsy. Ok, ok, I'll let you all have first dibs. I've already bought three outfits from her, and I must say each one was immaculately executed. Of course, if this outfit isn't sold by the end of the month, I *will* get it.

CarmelinaCreations is another one of my favorite Etsy sellers. I've bought a few Tudor and Renaissance outfits from her and each one had beautiful detail.

Sugloafdollclothes is also Kmkdollshop on Ebay. I admit I haven't bought anything from her yet, but I have been admiring her listings for at least three years. She recently opened up a shop on Etsy as Sugloafdollclothes

Ah, Tomi Jane's work, beautiful as ever. I'm still smacking myself for missing that blue regency gown, but for all you 1950s lovers, she has a couple of listings in her Etsy shop.

I thought I should add this in because the woodwork looks lovely.

Miniature Kitchen does 1/3 scale. Yes, and I bought some cheese. I also bought a miniature strawberry shortcake. I can't wait for the order to arrive. I'm also contemplating getting scones, beignets, whoopi pies, antipasto, sticky buns...but I need to make sure the scale will be correct. I've heard from another collector the scale is right on most of the time...

Ptomczak sells Civil War and Revolutionary War gowns.


  1. I like the top dress and the 50's dress. Are those growth hems on the top dress? If so, I never knew that was what they were called or what they were for. I just thought it was a decorative touch. I've seen them on sleeves too. Are they, too, growth hems?

  2. Mimi, thank you for your lovely comment - again! You are so kind to me. Thought I'd mention that I listed another silk Regency dress today ;)

  3. You should have heard me gasp when I saw the listing. Thank you, Tomi Jane! It looks beautiful! You've made my day!