Saturday, February 19, 2011

Young Victoria Evening Gown

This taffeta French Evening Gown was made by Doll Clothes of Yore. Apparently, she only has two copies left. The gown is modeled after early portraits of Queen Victoria and Empress Eugenie, though it would be appropriate for a doll time traveling between 1840-1860.

Young Victoria

Empress Eugenie Surrounded by Ladies in Waiting

Have you seen Emily Blunt in Young Victoria? I saw it in the theaters and I do re-watch it every few months on Netflex streaming. The movie was about Victoria's early power struggles and her maturing into a queen and wife, but there were some surprisingly charming and funny moments. I heard the actress Emily Blunt fought tooth and nail to win the leading role, thinking the movie would turn her into a Cate Blanchett. But secretly, I think she wanted the role in order to 1) wear gorgeous gowns 2) pet Cavalier King Charles Spaniels all day 3) and smooch the actor playing Prince Albert.

I have read the Christopher Hitchens' biography called, Queen Victoria Personal History. It's quite good except he somehow doesn't include much information about the potato famine in Ireland. I don't want to romanticize her reign, because the British empire expanded the most under her rule and even in modern times, we're still experiencing many of the nasty effects of colonialism. But from the biography, you get a sense of how deeply she loved her husband and children. In Victoria's early reign, she was considered a fashion trend-setter. However, after Prince Albert died in 1861, she donned on black for the rest of her life.

Anyway, here are some of my favorite gowns from the movie.
Emily Blunt as Young Victoria

Sigh. I want to get married in this blue dress. I don't care if I look dowdy for the 21st century. I will be at the peak of fashion for 1840!


  1. I LOVED this movie. I wasn't sure what to expect going into it, but was pleasantly surprised by the sweet and interesting story. :) I'm with you on the blue gown (although I'm already married, so I'd have to find another occasion to wear it). :)

  2. Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I love your blog! You have some great posts on here. Love that movie! :)

  3. Love the dresses! I never saw this movie, but maybe I'll have to look into it. Love the dress on the doll too.

  4. Thanks, everyone! I loved Young Victoria. It was probably the best and most sumptuous Queen Victoria movie made yet. Have you all seen the King's Speech with Colin Firth? Now that's a charming movie too.