Monday, August 23, 2010

Can you benefit from my downsizing?

I solemnly swear that I will downsize my collection, because it has frankly become too overwhelming. I have all these adorable set ups in mind but I never get the time (or the motivation) to put the scene together. I think I will just need to prioritize and figure out what I really want to keep.

Over the course of each new month I will lovingly describe at least 12 items in this blog, with each item having its own entry. Then during the first day of the month, I plan to put all described items up for sale in the AG Playthings market place. They could be anything: customs or official AG, dolls or outfits, and even small accessories or large pieces of furniture.

Otherwise, I just can't get myself motivated enough to take the photos and do the listings. Or find the heart to sell them without giving them one last enticing photo shoot.

So I will start my first entries in September. The first sale will be October 1.

Sigh. It must be done.

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