Friday, July 23, 2010

Supersizers Go Regency

Supersizers Go Regency is a historically accurate journey into the food and culture of regency England. So it might be inappropriate for kids and those adults who are prudish and squeamish. I just *love* this show though. It's hilarious. My favorite lines:

Sue is flopped on the ground, holding the leg of a military officer as he tries to escape, dragging her along the floor. Desperate Sue: "I *will* accept your proposal!"

Giles: "Fulfilling a lifelong ambition, I am a regency dandy." Hop, skip.

Giles: "I will be foppishly gambling my inheritance at the gaming tables."

To paraphrase the narrator...If you are a patriot, you do not drink claret, made by the fiendish French!

What are your favorite lines or parts?

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  1. This is awesome! Thank you for linking to it. ^_^ =D

  2. Have you seen Lost in Austen? It was a silly good time (and Wickham was totally hot!)

  3. I love Lost in Austen!! My favorite moment was when the heroine had Mr Darcy dip himself into the pool in which she says "I am having a bit of a strange post-modern moment here." Have you seen the new Emma on Masterpiece theater, Joni?

  4. I haven't seen that one yet but it's on my list! Isn't that the one with Romola Garai? She's in everything period, it seems like.

  5. I love Romola. I'm jealous of her and Keira Knightly in being all these gorgeous period film. If you want to watch beautiful costumes flutter by and some pretty deep emotional films, you should watch The Duchess and Amazing Grace.

  6. I saw both of those... and LOVED them. Keira in 'The Duchess' broke my heart. I'll never look at Ralph Fiennes the same way again.