Monday, October 25, 2010

123MulberryStreet Orange Summer Top and Capris

This two piece modern outfit created by 123MulberryStreet is perfect for Lanie or any outdoor girl. The bright orange cotton top has shirred elastic bodice and striped ribbon straps. The capris are made from recycled denim and have bright orange top-stitching and an orange daisy detail at the hem.

Here's the accompanying story:

Lanie: "I brought my pet bunny!"

Ivy: "Oh, I didn't see you carry in a cage. Where is it?"

Lanie: "I walked him over!"

Bennet: "Ruff! Ruff! That is a weird sight! Grrrr."

Ivy: "There, there, mind your manners! Or I'll have to put you on a leash!"

The white modern dress was created by Heritage4.

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