Sunday, October 24, 2010

Emma Woodhouse and Jane Fairfax

"It's too hot for strawberry picking!" says Emma Woodhouse (Elizabeth) to Harriet Smith (Lanie).

Harriet: "Fortunately, Mr. Knightley's hall is so much cooler. Oh, do you hear someone speaking?"

Officious Mrs. Elton (Ruthie) exclaims to Jane Fairfax (Rebecca): "But this post in Ireland will be very suitable for you. You will make an excellent governess."

"I thank you, but Mrs. Elton, I wish you would not intercede."

Harriet: "Oh, my, Miss Fairfax looks very unhappy. Should we help her?"

Emma: "Oh, there you are Miss Fairfax!"

Without saying a word, Jane runs off. Emma "Oh, she looked upset."

Mrs. Elton: "Those were probably tears of happiness! As she will be taking a post in Ireland and not be a burden to her aunt."

Mrs. Elton: "Mr. E is always saying how considerate I am, always thinking of others first."

Emma: "Indeed."

Emma's peach outfit was made by Vintiquedesigns. Harriet's blue gown was made by Jamiehistoriccostume. The Jane Fairfax gown was made by Terristouch

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