Thursday, June 17, 2010

Colonial Gown by Crafty1sews

This colonial gown made by crafty1sews on Ebay has very nice detail. Even the kerchief has a little lace trim. It also came with a little hand purse.

I try to imagine characters wearing these dresses. Have any of you read Johnny Tremain? I think the dress is too fancy for working class Priscilla Lapham, but someone like Lavinia Lyte, the Boston socialite might wear it. But she probably would wear silks. Perhaps I should dig out an Ann Rinaldi book?

And you know what I'm psyched about? The Americas wing finally opening up at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Entire corridors devoted to colonial art. Mmmmm. John Singleton Copley and Paul Revere. And John Sargent for ye lovers of costumes in paint.

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