Saturday, June 27, 2009

Dollie' Dressmaker Civil War Gowns

I bought these beauties from another collector. They were made by Dollies' Dressmaker. When I discovered her website, she wasn't selling the red one anymore. I saw a picture of it in the archival gallery and was hoping I would find a copy someday. Ebay hunting finally paid off!

I love the blue one even more because it matches Addy's collection so well. The brown, blue, and white contrasts are perfect. I even borrowed her snood from the Birthday Outfit and she's wearing blue boots from her extras.

I am thinking of doing a tableau from a Louisa May Alcott book or have Addy teach a class. I seem to remember my friend Rachel wrote her thesis about two teachers after the Civil War, one white and one black exchanging letters for years and years. Argh. Can't remember their names.

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