Sunday, September 23, 2012

Lucy Washbourne's Dress

I always imagine Lucy Washbourne from the children's novel Rifles for Watie, might wear a dress like this made by Doll Clothes of Yore to the local ball.  Lucy was a Cherokee character, whose family living in Indian Territory fought on the side of the Confederacy. Her love interest is Jess Bussey, who is a Union spy...


  1. That is soooooo beautiful .. I love paisley prints anyway and that one is just so vibrant and beautiful .. and the pattern is great too.

    awesome job,

  2. My sister Sarafina wants me to tell you that is the most beautiful dress she's seen in a long time. She's not easily impressed. Thank you for sharing.

    A New Friend


  3. Oh goodness - that's a blast from the past! Thank you for posting the beautiful pictures!