Sunday, July 17, 2011

Candy Apple for Rebecca

Red candy apples were invented in 1908 and were found in the Coney Island area and other carnivals and fair grounds. Perhaps Rebecca could have had a candied apple? According to the Newark Evening News 1964:

"William W. Kolb invented the red candy apple. Kolb, a veteran Newark candy-maker, produced his first batch of candied apples in 1908. While experimenting in his candy shop with red cinnamon candy for the Christmas trade, he dipped some apples into the mixture and put them in the windows for display. He sold the whole first batch for 5 cents each and later sold thousands yearly. Soon candied apples were being sold along the Jersey Shore, at the circus and in candy shops across the country, according to the Newark News in 1948."

Candied apples are also popular during Halloween and Guy Fawkes Night.

Holiday candied apples I have come across. I bought the snowman at Disneyland.

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