Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day 1 - American Art Museum and National Portrait Gallery

Day 1, April 30. On the first day of our epic trip to Washington DC, my fiance and I headed to the American Art Museum and the adjoining National Portrait Gallery. Both museums were gorgeous and filled with beautiful art and fascinating information about historical figures. The American Art Gallery had a few Copley paintings and a great deal of American Indian portraits.

In the National Portrait Gallery, I saw various plaster face molds of Abraham Lincoln. If you compared the mold made before he became president and the one months before he died, you can tell the terribly toll the Civil War had taken on his health by the worry lines all over his face. When I was in fifth grade I was obsessed with Abraham Lincoln because I saw this great movie called Tad, told from the perspective of his little son.

Not my original image, but the Kogod Courtyard in the American Art Museum was impressive:

The marble lady looks like she's wearing draped fabric. Yes, she had a perfectly impossible tummy. -_-

Victorian ladies:

Breath-taking silver!

LaForge stained glass peonie and peacocks

Joan of Arc wood carving - reminds me of Musa.

American women during the federalist/regency period

I have a similar gown!

An award for those of you who read the entire blog entry:

Mr. Willoughby Gets His Comeuppance

from Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters Amazon Book Trailer

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