Saturday, November 28, 2009

Amazing Seamstress Tomi Jane

I have to admire these outfits from afar, as they belong to Tomi Jane who created them for her own collection.

*gushes* Oh, what talent! Such lovely use of color! Such wonderful execution!

Here the complete album for Tomi Jane's beautiful creations:

Again, lovely use of color, especially in the ribbons. The champagne color mixed with the ash rose is quite striking over the white, and certainly flatters Nellie's hair. I usually have a hard time loving Nellie and only bought her because she is retired. But I'm looking at her now with a new eye and what I see is so adorable.

I imagine this is not the easiest fabric to work with, so the execution is perfect. I wouldn't mind wearing a life-sized version of this coat! The purse is so cute!

Tomi Jane, you have some serious talent. I hope you one day consider letting us collectors bring your pieces home to enjoy first hand. ;) You can easily get a following like slds275 and Keepers...

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